About us

NAVIS® Schiffahrts- und Speditions-Aktiengesellschaft is a group of companies active in all areas of national and international freight forwarding services.

Established in Hamburg in 1956, NAVIS is now present with its own branch offices in Bremen, Hanover, Freiberg (German State of Saxony), Antwerp (Belgium) and Barcelona (Spain).

NAVIS AG is family-owned company possessing a holding structure for its operational companies. The share capital amounts to EUR 1.4 million. The current owners, the Stork family, acquired the first company shares in 1967. The Stork family has been in full possession of the NAVIS Group since 1980. Our independence has been maintained for the benefit of our customers.

At the same time, Remo Stork is Chairman of the Board of Management of NAVIS AG. The group of companies is therefore not only family-owned, but is also family-managed day-to-day and also throughout its long-term business development. As a result, our entrepreneurial decisions are not negatively influenced by third-parties.

The annual turnover of the NAVIS Group in 2023 amounted to circa EUR 73,5 million. This result was generated by approx. 100 employees.

NAVIS AG, Hamburg, possesses the certified Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 and NAVIS obtained the status of “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO-F) from the Customs Authorities.

At NAVIS, our philosophy is to provide our customers with an individual, all-round and highly personal service. Each customer is taken care by the same sales and marketing consultant, who is familiar with most of the scenarios, concerns and problems that clients might encounter on an on-going basis. They take personal responsibility for coordinating all aspects of customer needs, as well as those in foreign markets. Staff members with expertise in special areas such as dangerous goods are also available. Our comprehensive service means that our customers feel secure and are kept in the picture.

Organisation chart of NAVIS
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