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Sea Transport Alliance

The Sea Transport Alliance was founded by NAVIS in August 1998, with th ongoing aim to optimize services and performance in overseas-transport by close co-operation with partners from Germany, Europe and overseas.

The Sea Transport Alliance:
  • Is an alliance of family-managed transport companies that maintain of their independence;
  • Concentrates sea transport, transport expertise and import and export management;
  • Uses self-organised inland transportation for pre- and on-carriage.

Container groupage services to more than 80 ports world wide and inland depots as well as FCL transport services. Shipments organized via NAVIS ports offices at Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Barcelona and Antwerp.

The Sea Transport Alliance range of services cover:
  • individual pick-up and prompt on-carriage from and to sea port
  • door-to-door transport
  • container services
  • container groupage services
  • customs clearance and bonded warehousing
  • documents according to letter of credit
  • supervision of project shipments, consolidation and shipping

  Map of the Sea Transport Alliance Member

The following German companies are part of the Sea Transport Alliance joint venture:

DIEHL - NAVIS Seehafen-Spedition GmbH, Hamburg
Joint-venture Partner since 1998:
Gebrüder Weiss GmbH & Co. KG in Esslingen,
Untermünkheim-Kupfer Contact

  AEO certificate DIEHL - NAVIS Seehafen-Spedition

CRETSCHMAR - NAVIS Seehafen-Spedition GmbH, Hamburg
Joint-venture Partner since 2000:
L. W. Cretschmar GmbH & Co. KG in Düsseldorf and Wuppertal Contact

  Flyer CRETSCHMAR - NAVIS Düsseldorf

  AEO certificate CRETSCHMAR - NAVIS Seehafen-Spedition

Lebert - NAVIS Übersee-Spedition GmbH, Hamburg
Joint-venture Partner since 2007:
Franz Lebert & Co Int. Spedition GmbH & Co. KG in Kempten, Baienfurt (near Ravensburg) Contact

  AEO certificate Lebert - NAVIS Übersee-Spedition

CRETSCHMAR - NAVIS Española, S.L., Barcelona
Joint-venture Partner since 2007:
L. W. Cretschmar Española S.A. in Coslada (Madrid), Castellbisbal (Barcelona) and Irun, plus branch offices in Valencia, Sevilla and Alicante Contact

  AEO certificate CRETSCHMAR - NAVIS